Kaleidoscope vision is all about human interaction. From the way we engage with each other to the way we engage with the environment that surround us. Our world is constantly on the move and we have come to understand there are many various realities and understandings to inhabit this planet - or a workspace.

Kaleidoscope Vision aims to build the bridges, fill the gaps - basically turn the kaleidoscope to bring in new perspectives and insights. This is useful for more holistic project management, solving intercultural challenges and a deeper understanding for everyone involved. Kaleidoscope Vision is the umbrella for a range of skills such as; Participatory observation - interacting with the people in their own environment, focusgroups, interviews, fieldwork, analysis, consulting, feedback, advice on how to improve your project, designing visual storytelling, documentaries and so much more.

Trough collaboration and co-creation with you, the aim is that the outcomes are easy to implement and makes sense to everyone involved - this create stronger, sustainable and enjoyable solutions. So hesitate not, get in touch with Kaleidoscope Vision so we together can match the services to your needs. To go behind Kaleidoscope Vision and know more about me, this is the button you need.




Go explore where and how I have been involved in consulting work and projects around the world. Follow this link.


Visual storytelling

From my experience as a producer and filmmaker myself, my aim is to bring people together through visual storytelling. This will be through my own projects, but I also offer it as a tool and service to you. Helping you design the storytelling you need for your company or organisation. Click here to know more.


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I'm always open to new ideas and collaboration, so please get in touch so we can start the journey.