Nice to meet you.

I'm originally from Copenhagen, Denmark, I recently spent 1,5 years in London and now I’ve moved to an eco-village called Munksøgård located 30 km. outside of Copenhagen.

I have hopped around the world which have helped me to understand the importance of the Kaleidoscope Vision; That everything that appear as a “one way street” can be turned and twisted and suddenly new shapes and colours appears - and we need that. The ability to capture complexity and celebrate it as something that provides us with great possibilities instead of limitations. My background in anthropology has given me the tools and methods so I can design and direct my services to any given context. This means unfolding the layers in order to create meaningful change. I have an interest in how we through local initiatives also can impact on a global scale. Within this lies an interest in how we understand and value different resources; from natural resources to the resources of benefitting from each other. I have experience in project management and consulting in NGO's. I've worked as a filmproducer and created my own projects as well.    

My aim is to work for optimizing sustainable solutions, so the solutions not only are good for the environment, easy to implement, but also match the actual need for the given users/community. This means that bringing in different knowledge can sometimes be a complex, but necessary matter. I highly value working interdisciplinary to bring together the best of skills from different worlds and work experience. My great work experience with filmproduction has made me organized and good at keeping several balls in the air at the same time. I’ve learned to coordinate and plan a process with a lot of different people and also come up with creative solutions when sometimes plans are not working out. I have an optimistic and positive attitude, which I found to be helpful in a busy process.

I look forward to cross paths with you

// Cecilie C. Caspersen