In the following you can see a brief overview of finished projects I have been involved with.


Water is life-toolkit in collaboration with GAIA Foundation, London.

The water is life-toolkit is in process at the moment. GAIA Foundation is helping communities all over the world in resisting new mining projects. With this toolkit the communities get access to knowledge on their rights and how to stand up for them. The toolkit is primarily a visual design, making it easier for everyone no matter the level of litteracy to understand. The issue of communties suffering from new mining projects is worldwide, but rarely discussed in public. However with Indigenous people standing up for their rights in relation to the Dakota Access pipeline, there came a new awareness in the media to these types of issues. GAIA has a long and strong history of working with their partners and communities, which made the process very fruitful as the partners were consulted along with our work. I helped GAIA with research, outlined the human rights to water and brought new perspectives and feedback in order to create and design the toolkit itself. 

Palm oil plantations in small village of borneo, malaysia

Through an international and interdisciplinary course I went to a small village in Borneo, Malaysia to research on environmental and social impacts from large scale oil palm plantation. We were a mix of natural and social scientists, which meant we could cover a variety of research. This included analysis of soil, water and biodiversity. We had interpretators with us and we all lived with the locals, which gave us an insight to their everyday life and dynamics in the village. We also did interviews, focusgroups and participatory research. We found that there were a lot of different interests at stake, depending on whether it was the headman of the village, the villagers or the palm oil company. We also learned that some our own terms, such as "ownership" was not translatable to Iban (the local language), which challenged and opened up for new understandings. So by bringing the group's knowledge together with our research, we were able to present our findings to the village.



flood relief for poor and marginalised families in tamil nadu, india

Due to heavy rain in South India 2015 a lot of areas, including Chennai were flooded. In the rural and poor areas outside Chennai, the marginalised communities lost livelihoods, family members and houses. In collaboration with a local NGO we managed to fundraise money for the most urgent need - food. Food storages and rice fields were destroyed due to the flood. In one week we raised money, coordinated the distribution and reached out to 476 families with rice, dhal and oil. A few weeks later, children from the area got new school supplies in order to continue their education. This was in collaboration with CECOWOR, India and Aktion Børnehjælp (Action Child aid), Denmark.

You can find more details on the fundraising here:

children's rights project, Denmark/India.

Through an internship with Aktion Børnehjælp (Action Child Aid) I assisted on starting up af children's rights project for marginalised children in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu, supported by CISU/DANIDA. With our local partner, a grassroot NGO in the area we established 3 main focuses; Child labor, Child marriage and Child abuse, as these are problematic issues in the area. Through research we created a toolkit, including participatory and self-monitoring methods for youths and children. This toolkit has through our partner been implemented in 10 villages, including schools. Children's rights clubs have been established and youths from the area has been trained to run the clubs, creating a safe and fun environment for the children. Through games the children learn about their rights and what to do if the rights are violated.

I went to work with the local partner in India for 4 weeks. Here I evaluated the start-up phase of the Children's rights project, including identification of challenges and barriers. With the local NGO we carried out an awareness event in Gingee with schoolchildren and public figures all contributing. I also conducted workshops on social accountability and financial sustainability.