How you can use visual storytelling

Visuals is a good oppertunity to engage with the world. This can mean to a broad audience or within your world in your office or oganisation. If you need to create a new campaign or you need a creative way to tell what you do, as a musician or human rights organisation, I am ready to help you and depending on the size of the visual storytelling I can put together a good team of talented people for the job. Contact me for more details.

Below you will see examples on how I have assisted others to solve their needs with visual storytelling.


Promovideo for south west regional permaculture convergence, exeter, uk

Permaculture Association organised their first South West Regional Permaculture Convergence for a weekend in June at Goffin Land, Exeter. It was a weekend filled with talks, workshops, filmscreening, music, food, camping, walks and a lot of networking.

Capturing the moments and energy, I made this short video for everyone interested in upcoming and future events with Permaculture Association.


Ice Cream Cathedral.png

Musicvideo for ice cream cathedral, Denmark

I worked as producer for this sci-fi musicvideo for the band Ice Cream Cathedral. This was a highly ambitious productionon on low budget, but with a talented team and creative solutions we managed to "land this spaceship". The video premiered at CPH:PIX 2014 in collaboration with VICE DK and Wimp.

Link to the video:



Musicvideo for bottled in england (Feat. Troels Abrahamsen), Denmark

This aesthetic musicvideo was produced by KnockKnock and I worked as assisting director along with the talented Christina Amundsen.

Link to the video:


Personal visual projects

I love exploring and creating with people. As much as I can I am trying to experiment with my own personal visual projects to tell stories about humans that moves me or challenges the mainstream.


My name is steve, short documentary, london

This is the story about an encounter with a homeless man i met, when i had just moved to London. It's an explorative ethnographic film and you can watch it right here:

Looking for exits, documentary, france/Denmark

This is the story about American Ellen Brennan who is the fastest flying woman in the world and considered a true artist in the wingsuit community. I was working as producer on this exciting story about an extraordinary woman. The film premiered at CPH:DOX 2015, followed by screenings at these festivals; Hot Springs, DOXA, BAFICI, Trento and in Danish cinemas. Looking for exits was also shown in Danish National TV, Spring 2017. Happy to have collaborated with Empty Chairs (Kristoffer Hegnsvad and Peter Alsted).

Come fly with us:



Skærmbillede 2017-07-05 kl. 14.58.42.png

videomarathon, denmark

This is an old project, but written, shot and edited in 48 hours. As part of the Danish videomarathon the participants get a theme or word and from there they have 48 hours to make a film. The subject or theme for that year was punishment. This film was nominated for best film and you can see it here: